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Birth name: Joram Metekohy
Born: 7 Jan 1983
Genres: Hardstyle


The Album

Decibel 2012

Project One



Wiki English

Joram Metekohy, (born January 7, 1983) better known by his stage name Wildstylez, is a Dutch hardstyle DJ and record producer. Having previously released hardstyle records under the alias 'Seizure', Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildsylez in 2007 on the Scantraxx sub-label Scantraxx Reloaded. In 2010, Wildstylez in, collaboration with Noisecontrollers, started the record label 'Digital:Age'. After he stopped releasing on 'Digital:Age', and its subsequent collapse, Wildstylez had a string of releases on Q-Dance Records and also released many tracks for free via social media. In 2013, Wildstylez founded his own Hardstyle label, 'Lose Control Music', under the parent label 'Be Yourself Music'. As of 2014, he and Max Enforcer now release their own music through 'Lose Control Music'. Throughout his career as a Hardstyle artist, Wildstylez has made numerous collaborations with other Hardstyle artists, the most notable of these being the influential Project One, which he formed with Headhunterz in 2008. He has also done collaborations with other artists such as Noisecontrollers, The Prophet, Ran-D, Alpha², Max Enforcer and D-Block & S-te-Fan. Joram Metekohy first started producing Hardstyle with Ruben Hooyer in 2004 under the alias 'Seizure'. Together they had multiple releases on label's such as Sys-X Records, Blutonium Records, Straighton Recordings and Scantraxx. In 2006 he was introduced to Scantraxx and began working on material with Alpha² that would eventually get a release on the Scantraxx sub label 'Paint it Black' under the name 'Outsiders'. In late 2007, having previously released on Scantraxx as 'Seizure', Joram Metekohy had his first solo release as Wildstylez, 'Life'z A Bitch / Missin', on the Scantraxx sub-label run by Headhunterz, Scantraxx Reloaded. 2008 would prove to be the breakout year for Wildstylez. He had numerous releases on various Scantraxx sub-labels including Silver, Special and Reloaded and also featured on the main label. It also saw his first collaboration with one of the most popular up and coming Hardstyle artists, Scantraxx Reloaded founder Headhunterz. Their First release 'Blame It On the Music / Project 1' in early 2008 proved a success and provided the impetus for the launch of a new project and debut album for the pair, Project One.